When you need to manufacture small parts for your own products or for customers, you need to consider plastic injection molding. It is simpler, more efficient, and more reliable than the other options for making these parts. Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive when you do.

Fine Details

The molds used for injection molding are able to endure high pressure. This means that the plastic injected into them can be forced enough to fill in the tiniest crevices. The liquefied plastic can completely fill the mold so that no area is left with a gap or hole. In addition, you can be sure to fill the mod enough to force out any air bubbles. This ensures that each part is exact and will fit where it needs to go.


Creating the mold to the customer's exact specifications will take the same amount of time regardless of the method you use for the molding process. However, once you  have the mold, the rest of the process is much quicker. This means you can create more parts by using injection molding. More parts means more money and a better return on your investment.


Fillers can be added to the molding process that will make the most vulnerable sections of the parts much stronger. They will also reduce the density and weight of the parts. The combination of stronger and lighter makes them more durable so they will not need to be replaced as often.

Multiple Plastics

Sometimes a part needs to be made of more than one type of plastic. In most manufacturing processes this would mean making multiple parts to be put together. However, injection molding can be done in a manner that allows multiple different plastic to be co-injected at the same time. The result will be one piece that has all the benefits each type of plastic offers just where they are needed.

Injection molding is an efficient way to manufacture the small parts needed in many larger products. Whether the rest of the product is made of metal, class, or some other material, having small plastic parts can keep moving parts from creating too much friction. It also keeps the cost of production down while increasing the number of units you can produce. As an added benefit, the plastic used can be from recycled materials, further reducing our costs while helping the environment.