Teardrop pallet racking systems have several benefits over most other pallet racking systems. The benefits are more than enough to have you dancing for joy, rather than crying. Here is just a sample of the benefits from this particular pallet racking system.

Painless Assembly

With other pallet racking systems, you almost always get a finger or two pinched during assembly. That does make one cry because steel pins in these systems are heavy, and the shearing force exerted when they are pushed into place can pinch, slice, or even crush a finger. Ouch. Teardrop assembly, however, results in fewer hurt fingers. The round pins fit neatly through the round part of the teardrop openings and quickly drop into place with little to no force. Your fingers are free and clear of the fitting while the shelves drop.

Hard to Tumble

Because of how the shelves interlock with the teardrop holes, it is nearly impossible to push these shelves over. That means that shelves cannot come loose and fall on you, nor can heavy pallets of goods cause the shelving to tip and unhook. Who does not want fewer work-related injuries in the warehouse, right?

Always in Stock

Because of the system's popularity, the teardrop racking is always in stock. Just as quickly as people buy it up, manufacturers are refilling orders and shelves. The big hardware stores carry it, as do home improvement stores. (Some large office supply chains also offer smaller teardrop racking, but these are not meant for pallets.) If you have need of more racking in your warehouse, or you want to swap out all of your old racking for new, you should have no problem finding plenty of teardrop racking systems for sale.

Order Direct

Of course, you can order your racking directly from a manufacturer. The best part about conducting this purchase this way is that you can have the racking delivered right to your warehouse, instead of having to go out with a truck of your own, find the racking, purchase it, load it onto the truck and bring it back. Some companies not only ship it directly to you, but they will also have the driver unload it all for you as well. 

Then the only thing you need to do is assign dock crew members to unpackaging and assembling the racking. If it is not a busy shipping week, this project will fill empty hours for employees. Your pallet racking system could be full assembled and ready for use within a day to a week, depending on how many units you purchase.