Production times depend on the speed with which your factory employees complete their work. One area of the plant where you can decrease production times and increase product processing times is in the packaging department. As you begin searching for new and pre-owned packaging equipment for your plant, keep in mind these four things that the equipment can do faster than human employees can

Fill Bottles and Jars with Precise Amounts

On a production line, human employees working with semi-automated fill machines tend to over-squeeze or under-release the levers that are responsible for releasing a liquid or solid product into bottles and jars. The result is either too little or too much product in the containers. A fully automated fill system makes sure every bottle and every jar is filled with exactly the same amount of product.

No product is wasted, and no jar or bottle skimps on product weight promised to the consumers. Additionally, a fully automated fill line fills at precisely the same amount of time per each container. This allows you to calculate the amount of time you are saving during this part of the factory packaging line.

Box Product

Let's say that your company makes and bottles maple syrup in glass bottles. Employees have to very carefully and very quickly place anywhere from six to twelve bottles of syrup into a box and box it up for shipping. Doing it all by hand takes assembling the box, taping the bottom of the box, placing a product divider into the box, and then placing two bottles at a time into two separate slots within the box prior to closing and sealing the box. Even the fastest employees might need about ten to twenty minutes a box. 

Now, if you place the same bottles of syrup on a fully-automated boxing line, you can box up syrup in easily half that time. The machines assemble and tape the boxes, insert the liners or dividers, quickly place all the bottles of syrup in the box, and seal the box as fast as six employees with two arms and two hands. The result is more product packaged and shipped in a day without a single bottle breaking, and more demand for your product is met than ever before.

Weigh Boxes of Product

Every box of product has to have its weight verified for shipping. As each box is sealed by an automatic taping machine, it passes to a weight scale, which verifies the weight and stamps the box as ready for shipping. In factories where the boxes are manually transferred to a weight scale, this takes far too long to complete.

Boxes pile up, things get confused, and to keep up with the speed of the line, employees just skip a box or two sometimes. That does not work out so well for the semi truck driver who has to pass weight scales along the way and he thinks he or she is hauling "x" amount of pounds of product when in fact, he/she is hauling much more. With an automated weight scale built into your line, every box is weighed and stamped every time.

Postage Paid Labels and Shipping Labels Made and Applied

Have you ever timed how long it takes for an employee to type in names and addresses of customers in order to print shipping labels, print those labels, and then apply those labels? With a labeling machine, the only thing you have to do is select an address from memory for repeat customers or type in new customer information and hit the "run" button on a labeling and postage machine. Self-adhesive labels are made and applied in the blink of an eye before your packaged products reach the very end of the line.