One of the most popular options for retaining walls, walkways, and other borders around homes is masonry construction. Often created out of a mixture of stone and brick, these types of features can be highly attractive. Unfortunately, if you don't have a strong eye for the structure or an understanding of how to incorporate stone and brick together, you can end up with a finished product that isn't as attractive as you'd hoped. Here are a few things to consider as you start looking for material for your project.

Create Contrast Around A Neutral Color

Start your design by choosing a neutral color to work around. Colors like cream, white, and grey make a good neutral foundation to start with. Then, you can select the other stone and brick colors to contrast with these shades.

Pick A Color In The Stone To Match Your Brick

When you're choosing the color of your brick, take a close look at the colors that naturally appear in the stone you're using. That way, you pick a color that will contrast with the base color of the stone but also blend well with the underlying color hints that are there.

Keep It Simple

Don't go overboard with the color combinations. Opt for one solid color, which you'll find in the stone, and one patterned color, which you can get from the brick. Anything more than that will create a busy appearance that can be hard on the eyes. Keeping it simple gives you elegance and beauty without making it too overwhelming.

Select Stone That Matches Your Home Style

Don't try to use modern stacked stone on an older or Victorian-style home, because it will not blend well. The stone design will look out of place with the style of the home. Instead, talk with a masonry professional about what style of stone will go best with your home's basic design. That way, you create a cohesive look.

Make Sure Your Roof Matches

It is frustrating when you work hard to create a perfectly matched design of brick and stone only to discover that your solid black roof clashes or looks out of place. You can always have a coating applied to your roof to change the color, but remember that coatings will need to be maintained every year or two so that it continues to look good. As an alternative, you can have the roof shingles replaced, but that's a significant undertaking.

For more information about selecting your masonry supplies, contact a local masonry company.