Yes, it is true that to engage a brake, you generally have to press on it. However, press brakes is a specific term that refers to brakes that are used on complex industrial machines. 

Material Size Matters

When considering the size of press brake to use in your industrial machine, the material size matters. The size of the material that you are using directly corresponds to the length of the bed for the press brake. The bed for the press brake corresponds with the material that you are working with. The longer the material you are working with, the bigger the press brake bed will need to be.

Type of Material Matters

Second, the type of material that you use with the press brake is really important. Press brakes are set-up so that they are customized to the specific type of material that you are using with the machine. Different material equals a different type of press brake.

When it comes to material, you need to know the type of material, the length of the material, the thickness of the material, and the measurements for any die that you are cutting the material with. The press brake manufacturer will need all of this information in order to fabricate the right press brake for your machine.

CNC Technology Is Standard

It has gotten to the point in the industry where if you are ordering a new press brake, it is all but assumed that you want CNC technology to go with the press brake. Most modern industrial machines are monitored in some way by a computer system, and when you fabricate a new press brake, the default assumption will be that you want CNC technology incorporated into the set-up.

If you don't want CNC technology, be sure to let the fabricator know so they can remove the CNC technology from the press brake. However, don't expect to save money by skimping on technology; generally, press brakes made without computer controls cost the same as the ones that are made with computer controls.

If you really don't want your press brake to have computer controls, and you are looking to save a little money, you should look at a used press brake model and see if it can be adapted for your specific purpose.

When crafting a press brake, it's assumed that you want to incorporate technology into the system. To create the best press brake, though, you need to know exactly how you intend to use the press brake within your machine and what its purpose will be.

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