Rushing a sale means that you are showing up just as fast as you can get to the location and purchasing all the good stuff before it is gone. In the case of used heavy construction equipment for sale, you definitely want to "rush" it because the best items are sold the first day, and sometimes, in the first couple of hours! If you need any sort of heavy construction equipment for your company, you need to show up with cash and/or checkbook in hand to purchase the desired items right on the first day of the sale. Here is why you should attend this kind of sale the first hour. 

Cranes Are the First to Go, Followed by the Earth Mover Machines 

Cranes are, quite possibly, the most popular of all pieces of equipment at these sales. Construction companies want a good deal because new cranes can be particularly expensive, but gently used cranes are a steal. Industrial cranes have lots of parts that can be used to fix other cranes, or industrial plants are just looking for a good first-time overhead crane. These machines are almost always the first items to be sold at a sale like this, and when they are gone, they are gone. 

The next machines to go are the "earth movers." These include the front loaders and backhoes. Crawlers or no crawl tracks; it does not make a difference if it can move a lot of dirt really fast. Construction company owners are always especially eager to grab these up at a used heavy construction equipment sale just to have their own earth movers in their company fleet. After the cranes, these are the next pieces to go. 

Everything Is Picked Over by the Second or Third Day

Come late, lose out; that is what "they" say. It happens to be quite true of construction equipment sales. By the second or third day, things are a little picked over. There is still some good stuff left, but if you are not looking for small dump trucks or concrete roller/pavers, you are out of luck. (On the flip side, if that is what you want, you are in luck coming late and finding these items left on the sale lot.) At the end of the one-week sale, there really is not much left, and unless the sale lot dealers are expecting a replacement shipment and a possible second week for the sales, that is it.