Construction companies of various types have within their ranks some experts. These experts are called in to work when specific work situations demand their special skills. In the case of industrial coating contractors in the ranks of certain companies, these experts and their skills are as follows. 

Coatings to Cure Concrete

Concrete is a funny construction medium. You have to get it just right so that it is neither too watery nor too gritty. When the concrete contractor pours the concrete, he/she leaves it to set, but then the industrial coating contractor comes in to finish the job. The industrial coating contractor brings buckets of water-reducible concrete coating. This is mixed and poured over the top of the setting concrete to help it cure faster, harden up better, and prevent damage over time. 

Coatings to Prevent Corrosion

Industrial buildings are known for two main features. One, they almost always have concrete slab floors, and two, they have metal/steel exterior walls and/or roofs. If you have ever driven by abandoned factories, you immediately see what time, wind, and weather does to metal. It rusts and corrodes the metal beyond recognition. The coating contractors come in at the end of a construction project where metal and steel are used to create exterior walls and roofs and spread anti-rust and anti-corrosive coatings on these building features. It will protect the building for at least its first year of life. The process may need repeating the following year, or if a special coating with extended use is used, every few years to protect the new building. 

Coatings to Prevent Wood Rot

Polyurethane is meant to protect wood against moisture and wet rot. If a construction contractor builds a structure from wood, then the coating contractor comes in to coat the wood with the polyurethane before the building is insulated and the interior walls are finished. The exterior of the building may be coated as well to act as added protection underneath the exterior insulation and siding (or whatever is used to side the building). 

Other Contractors That May Work Under a Lead Contractor 

Industrial coating contractors are not the only ones that join the employment ranks in construction companies. Plumbers and electricians make themselves available on an as-needed basis to main construction contractors. HVAC contractors may also subcontract themselves out to construction companies where their services are invaluable to the completion of the project. 

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