Containment berms are an important part of environmental safety in the oil industry. On sites that extract oil, loading oil, unloading oil or utilize trucks or oil drums, there will be leakage. It is important to implement a strategy to contain these spills, even small spills. For this reason, your company should look into collapsible, spill containment berms. The following are a few reasons to use this type of spill containment berm.

They are easy to install

Although there are variations in the design of this type of berm, they are all easy to setup. In general, they are constructed from a copolymer that is rugged and built to last. The sides of the berm are made from PVC material, and can be quickly lifted up from a flat position, so the berm is ready to use. After installation, one side can be quickly lowered to allow for an oil truck or oil drum to be placed over the berm, and your site will be protected from leaks.

They are portable

An additional benefit to many of these collapsible spill containment berms is that they are also portable. This can be an important benefit when you have a need for a leakage berm on more than one site, but have no need for a permanent berm. Also, if you are finished with a job at one site, you will not need to discard the berm.

They are available in many sizes

You probably have a good idea what size containment berm you are looking for. The good news is that there are manufacturers with a variety of sizes that are available off the shelf. However, if you cannot find the size that you desire, there are companies that will provide a customer design. This can become important because with the wrong size, you may end up without the containment for oil spills that you thought you had.

They are designed to meet government regulations

Depending upon your particular circumstances and the nature of your business in the oil industry, there may be more than one government regulatory body and regulation you need to adhere to. But collapsible spill containment berms are designed with regulations in mind, and the chances are that they meet or exceed the specifications that you are looking for.

Collapsible spill containment berms are an important part of keeping your oil site clean. They are easy to install, and they are portable as well. The chances are the size you need is available, but custom made sizes are possible. In addition, they are made to meet regulations concerning the environment for oil sites.