When people talk about fiberglass scaffolding, they are quick to mention how it assembles easily or how light it is. Some benefits are rarely mentioned. These less often named benefits are listed below.

Easy to Clean

Fiberglass scaffolding is easy to clean. It is also easy to see why this is not often mentioned as a selling point. Scaffolding is involved in some of the dirtiest, messiest jobs, from painting to construction and roofing. Yet, if you wanted to clean scaffolding, fiberglass is the way to go. (Traditional scaffolding made of metal pipe and wood does not clean well at all. Either you are scraping the pipe, or destroying the wood.)

Resists Extreme Temperatures

Metal scaffolding conducts cold, freezes up, is impossible to take apart frozen, and can cause frozen skin injuries if you accidentally stick bare body parts up against it. During extremely hot temperatures, you can get burned too, because the metal collects and conducts heat. With fiberglass, the scaffold pipes are a consistent temperature that you can touch anytime, regardless of the outdoor temperatures. It also does not freeze together, so you can easily take it apart.

Goes Higher Than Other Scaffolding

Because fiberglass is so lightweight and strong, you can make the scaffolding go even higher than metal scaffolding. The weight of metal scaffolding becomes too much for the base and feet, and with added weight from workers, it can tumble over if built too high. The weight with fiberglass is never a problem because it would take several workers on the same platform of the same height just to wobble. This is especially important if you are working on a cathedral or other tall structure.

Trading in Your Old Scaffolding for Fiberglass

If you have read enough to make a decision on fiberglass scaffolding, you can trade in your metal pipe scaffolding for fiberglass. Recycling programs and scrap metal programs will pay you for your old scaffolding, or you can sell it to the competition and let the competition worry about it. Then call a fiberglass scaffolding company to purchase your new scaffolding.

Make sure you know exactly what you disposed of so that you can order enough replacements. Discuss the type of work you do with the scaffolding company so that you can order appropriate accessories. Also, make sure you have enough of the old scaffolding on hand for any upcoming projects, as your new fiberglass scaffolding will take a little time to arrive.