Pallets are an invaluable tool for any industrial or warehouse environment that needs to stack, wrap, or ship products. Products were once stored in wooden barrels and crates, but pallets are easy to use, lift, and move. You can find standard wooden pallets, plastic or metal pallets, and a similar tool called a "skid" with no bottom.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are probably one of the most familiar types of pallets found in industrial and warehouse environments, as they are easy to use and easy to find. These pallets are typically "block" pallets and are constructed so that products are stacked on top of a row of wooden panels, with space underneath to allow access to pallet jacks and other tools. Beneath that space is yet another row of wooden panels, allowing the warehouse worker to choose which side they'd prefer and allowing flexibility. Unfortunately, these pallets are not the most durable option, and they are difficult to keep clean.

Plastic Or Metal Pallets

Another option is to use plastic or metal pallets. These pallets are more durable than wooden pallets and are generally easier to keep clean as their materials are not porous or otherwise as difficult to handle as wood. However, plastic and metal pallets are generally more expensive, and the latter can frequently be heavy to the point of being unwieldy. Metal pallets in particular are rarely used, typically for heavy metal products that would crush other pallets. These types of pallets are a great option for warehouses that need sanitized pallets or long-lasting ones.


Finally, the last "pallet," as it's usually called, is really a skid. A skid is much like a pallet, except it has no bottom row of wooded planks or other materials, so while it's generally less expensive, it's a less flexible option than standard pallets. This also means that they are harder to store and stack when not being used. However, some skids are made specifically so that they can be stacked without requiring the bottom layer of wood or plastic. Skids can be made from the same range of materials as pallets, so if your facility needs plastic storage options, then you may benefit from the cheaper skids.

Pallets are an invaluable resource in the industrial world. You can find pallets in wooden, plastic, and metal forms, as well as skids that are similar in construction while being less expensive. Make sure to look carefully at what you're warehouse needs and pick your pallets accordingly.